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What is AlphaMSG

AlphaMSG, a cloud-based communication service, specifically built for professional and enhanced messaging within a closed network. In simpler terms, AlphaMSG is the best-in-market service for you to communicate with your professional network, with salient messaging features and analytics, on a friendly interface built with ease to everyone. Want to send a message and easily communicate with your audience? Try out our exciting service today or contact us to know more!

Product Features

Unlike any other communication service, AlphaMSG provides you four different messaging features.

Simple Text Message

Plain messages with transactional information.

Invite Message

Invitational messages with details of venue, date, time and more.

Survey Message

Messages that allows recipients to input their thoughts, which shall be used to measure service.

Vote Message

Poll based messages that allows recipients to cast their votes.

Features of AlphaMSG

Organized Messages

Get rid of the trouble of searching for message loops and history. View your messages in an organized fashion and continuity and do not worry anymore about losing old messages.

Unrestricted Characters

Tired of keeping count on your message characters? Message with unlimited characters and even add images and files to convey your message at the fullest.

Multi-Language Support

The multi-lingual platform allows you to communicate in all regional languages. What more gives you the joy of communicating with your cohorts!

Global Messages

Why have a restriction on geographical boundaries in professional communication. Get in touch with your business relations wherever they are, with our cloud service.

Unlimited Groups & Members

Maintain unlimited groups and manage unlimited members to your groups. Overcome the existing problem of having limited access to create and add groups and members. The more the merrier!

Report Spam

Flooding with spam messages completely irrelevant? Report spam messages unintended to you and receive only authentic communications.

Maintain History

It is always feels good when you at your past communications. Maintain history of the messages being sent and also, the messages being received, irrespective of device changes.

Responsive Layouts

Your devices are friendly to our service. Use any device to access our app service and also, gain access to web browser based application. Overall, we need you to stay connected to your messages all the time.

Track Delivery

You are absolutely rightful to know every status of your communications. Track the status of your messages through our interface and obtain realest results.

Reports and Analytics

Know your business communications better in an easy and crisp fashion through the reports and analytics generated through our system. Increase your efficiency analyzing the reports in a handy manner

Security & Privacy

Your communication is truly valued a lot, that we intend to provide a highly secure platform with only authenticated usage. We ensure that your recipients do not miss your communication and do not receive from unauthorized senders.

Track Read & Response

The minimal percentage of non-smartphone users are always in mind, thus providing a fault tolerant robust system that sends brief SMS and allows users to access their messages through web browsers.

Why AlphaMSG?

Reliable 100% Uptime

Built through Robust

Economical in the Market

24/7 Support

User Friendly Workflow

Easily Accessed Globally

Product Pricing

We vow to deliver at the best and economic price in the market. Get in touch with our sales team to know what is best for you.

Application Programming Interface (API)

AlphaMSG Gateway API enables integration directly with business applications, websites and software. Our flexible and powerful set of API’s enable developers to add the ability for their applications to send and receive messages. AlphaMSG offers cutting edge solutions for your business needs. Get started today and experience the elite services to communicate with your business efficiently.

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